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When it comes to relationship-building, Boxfish likes to keep it real. This Glasgow-based utilities consultancy has been committed to working with its clients and partners in a truly open and transparent way for nearly 30 years.

Meeting new people and building productive partnerships at Peer Works events has been a big plus for Boxfish, as have the opportunities for raising the company’s profile with the cross membership base.

Neil Sullivan, Boxfish’s Head of Projects is clear about the benefits of being part of Peer Works.

“When we first went to a Peer Works event, it was a bit of a leap of faith, we simply didn’t know what to expect. But it was great! And it’s still great – every time we attend we meet someone new we can work with or build a relationship with. That’s so important to us, not because we are desperate to land a big sale, but because getting to know people from other companies and organisations in our local area is at the heart of our own approach to business. Who knows what opportunities might come from a contact made at a Peer Works event?”

Back in 1995 when Boxfish was launched as a utilities broker, and energy markets were deregulating, founder Donald Macleans saw an opportunity to develop an ethical business, one which could act as a trusted intermediary in an industry with an unenviable reputation for roguery.

From those early beginnings, Boxfish have gone on to build both their business and their trusted reputation. The company have responded rapidly to clients’ needs when it comes to challenges presented by the climate emergency, sustainability and net zero targets. Utilities brokering remains part of Boxfish’s offering but their portfolio of services has expanded to include specialist technical consultancy, design and planning for utilities in, for example, new infrastructure and legislative compliance projects.

What hasn’t changed are the company’s core values – unlike some competitors in their sector, Boxfish simply don’t believe in doing anything to land a sale. Nothing about Boxfish is flash in the pan, building trust with their partners is of paramount importance – and their business mentality remains firmly rooted in doing things right and gaining the rewards. The Boxfish approach clearly delivers, their client base stays with them for a long, long time.

Sharing the Boxfish success story with other Peer Works members at events has been hugely beneficial. Neil Sullivan explains,

“Peer Works events are always very high quality, and offer excellent networking opportunities. The themed presentations are always useful and interesting, but it’s meeting up with our peers and like-minded individuals that we enjoy most. Not only does it boost our own profile, but it’s great to be part of an ambitious community, people who want to build business and work smarter.”