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Lewis Creative Consultants

When Colette Reid of Edinburgh-based creative agency Lewis Creative Consultants was invited by a friend to attend a Peer Works event during the early post Covid-period, she was delighted to get out and about again. Colette was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the session, and by the warm, welcoming atmosphere. The event was so good that she’s been back several times since.

One of the things Colette likes most about Peer Works is the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and contacts with a broad range of people – everyone from micro businesses to Scottish Government representatives.

Lewis Creative Consultants is Scotland’s oldest privately owned creative agency. Founded back in 1973, the company has evolved hugely from its original print-only offering. These days, Lewis Creative Consultants provides a full suite of creative and digital services in line with the needs of their contemporary clients, but Colette points out that this is a modern Scottish business which does far more than provide pretty pictures.

“I’m very proud to work for a company whose ethos is firmly purpose-led. We are already a net zero business, with a vision to ensure we continue to evolve and grow our company and teams’ attitude and education to ESG. We’ve also put a lot of effort into developing policies and processes which will make us a fully inclusive employer.

“As the Group Services Manager I wear many hats. My multi-faceted role is behind-the-scenes, I do lots of the non-client facing jobs – everything from HR and auditing documentation to risk assessment. My role is to do all of the critical stuff necessary to support the creatives and help the business thrive.”

For Colette, an important aspect of being a member of Peer Works is being able to contribute her own knowledge and experience, and she’s got both in bucketloads.

“I really like the topic-led monthly theme and the peer-to-peer learning aspect of the events, it’s a great place to pick up genuinely useful tips. I enjoy the round table format too, being able to converse with a smaller group is a lot less intimidating than having to address the whole room. That said, I’m not a shrinking violet, I really like to get fully involved in the discussions!”

Colette demonstrates a real generosity of spirit, one which matches Peer Works own belief in the power of shared learning, “I’m glad to be able to share my own knowledge and experience in a way that might benefit others. As a business, Lewis Creative Consultants has a fantastic ethos and have introduced some really innovative ways of working. Not only am I proud to work for them, I’m always really happy to share insights about our company culture with others at Peer Works.”