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Whole Life Consultants

When Peer Works launched its Tayside club in 2022, Doug Forbes of Whole Life Consultants Ltd (WLC Ltd) was delighted to have a local group to attend. With shared objectives to boost productivity and streamline processes, WLC Ltd and Peer Works made an excellent match.

As a Dundee-based micro company, WLC Ltd are big hitters, working with major infrastructure clients across the UK, providing specialist consultancy services for the construction industry. The company, which is a spin out from the University of Dundee, is committed to improving whole life value in the construction industry. Director Doug Forbes explains,

“At WLC we work in a whole life way, dealing with the softer stuff involved with major construction initiatives. We take a holistic approach to the entire lifecycle of a project, aiming to improve value from beginning to end. The sorts of specialist work we do includes construction productivity improvement, labour forecasting, project cost and time modelling, whole life costing, value management, risk-based asset management and sustainability assessment.”

Despite being a small business with a staff team of six, WLC Ltd are a real Scottish success story, working on a number of large scale projects with key blue chip clients including HS2 Ltd and government departments. Doug Forbes says that the business success is down to a combination of deep expertise and the human touch.

“We are a group of highly qualified people who specialise in solving complex problems across the whole life cycle of construction projects. The services we offer are very niche and our work is delivered with a very high level of personal involvement with all of our clients.”

Efficiency, improvement, boosted productivity and added value are central to WLC Ltd’s work, themes the business shares with Peer Works. Doug Forbes is a fully signed up member of the work better and smarter school of thought.

“Peer Works’ ambition to improve productivity is shared by WLC Ltd, it’s part of our company’s own DNA. We spend considerable time measuring productivity in our own sector. Attending Peer Works events is a great way for us to share our common interest in boosting productivity. The Tayside club also offers great networking opportunities, a high calibre of guest speakers and some really useful, interesting themes.

“The Tayside sessions attract a good cross section of local people – everyone from CEOs to charities. It’s a fine place to have useful conversations and pick up nuggets of good information. What’s great for us is that there are people from other industries there, we are used to networking with construction industry people only, so it’s helpful to get perspectives and experience from elsewhere.”