June 2024

Workforce Wellbeing


  • Quiet Spaces: Designated areas for relaxation.
  • Flexible Working: Supporting work-life balance with flexible hours.
  • Staff Newsletter: Celebrating achievements and sharing updates.
  • Activity Groups: Organising walks and other group activities.
  • Awareness Days: Promoting health and wellbeing awareness days.
  • Wellbeing Apps: Recommending apps for mental and physical health.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Providing resources for emotional development.
  • Monthly Themes: Focusing on different wellbeing topics each month.
  • Age-Specific Activities: Offering activities for different age groups.
  • Men’s Health: Developing programmes for men’s health.
  • Health Communications: Enhancing communication on health resources.
  • Feedback System: Implementing “A Bug’s Life” strategy for staff suggestions.
  • Wellbeing Pillars: Focusing on social, mental, occupational, and financial health.
  • Wellbeing Check-Ins: Regularly monitoring and supporting staff wellbeing.

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