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At our Scotland-wide events, you’ll learn directly from pioneers, innovators and experts who have learned on the job or who have tried something new to work better and smarter - power up your productivity.


Shared learning helps build your own confidence for taking new, more effective approaches to running a business or organisation.

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Join us at any or all of our events, in-person at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee or online for the Highlands & Islands and South of Scotland.


With over 2,300 members our events offer tremendous scope for relationship-building, business-to-business opportunities and partnership working.

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Peer Works is the perfect place for people in Scotland who want to learn how to do things better and smarter in their business or organisation.

Whether you’re at the helm of an SME or a social enterprise, or working within the public or third sectors, Peer Works’ annual programme of regional learning sessions will support you to power up your productivity.

"Peer Works is an ideal place to learn, share and grow in confidence with a group of like-minded people who are interested in improving their business”

The Institute of Occupational Medicine

Upcoming events


6 Jun 2024

Peer works

Improving your journey to retirement!



Join us for a presentation by Susan Hope, IFA Workplace Senior Manager as she details her advice for planning the journey towards retirement.


12 Jun 2024

Peer works

Entrepreneurship Exchange: Networking and Peer learning for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Business Gateway Dundee


Join us in Dundee for a networking and peer learning event in collaboration with Elevator UK


13 Jun 2024

Peer works

Connect & Innovate: A Networking and Peer Learning Event on Entrepreneurship

University of Aberdeen


We have teamed up with the University of Aberdeen's Innovation Enterprise & Innovation team to unite the strength of the Start Here business breakfast networking and Peer Works' peer learning.

Join over 2,300 Peer Works members today and start your relationship-building, business-to-business opportunities and partnership working.