Improve processes, performance, productivity and profit

We believe (and evidence clearly demonstrates) that shared knowledge and experience is a hugely effective way to support micro and small businesses, social enterprises, charities and public sector organisations to work better, and smarter.

It’s well known that low productivity continues to hold Scotland’s economy back, and that the numerous challenges of recent times have presented many unforeseen obstacles to progress.

However, at Peer Works we also know that learning from the innovative or practical approaches adopted by others can have a profound impact on the way your own organisation operates. These positive impacts can include the betterment of your staff wellbeing, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom line.

Through our Scotland-wide Peer Works events, you’ll learn directly from pioneers, innovators and experts who have learned on the job, or who have tried something new to boost their efficiency.

At Peer Works, we believe that this shared knowledge does more than just improve your processes, performance, productivity and profit. By learning about emerging trends, technological advances and economic innovation, membership can also help develop your people and protect the planet.

Peer Works is an initiative delivered by Prosper and funded in partnership with the Scottish Government.


Peer Works started as Productivity Clubs Scotland in Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2019.


Meet the Peer Works team that brings together peer-led learning, specialist guest speakers and expert support.